Continued litigation in the courts, by Side by Side, have recently resulted in several court decisions in favour of the festival.

claims of hostage taking, saint petersburg, october, 2018

At the XI Side by Side LGBT Films Festival, November, 2018 opposition attempted to stop the opening by calling and informing the police that the festival had taken hostages. These were clearly false allegations and the making such calls are classed as criminal behaviour carrying up to a punishment of 5 years in prison. It is suspected that the individual behind the call was the politician V.V Milonov. An appeal was made to the Smolninsky District Court, Saint Petersburg with the complaint relating to police inaction and the failure to open criminal investigations into the disruption of the incident. At a court hearing on 21 October, 2019 the First Deputy Prosecutor of the Central District revoked the decision to refuse against criminal proceedings and ordered the investigation department to conduct an appropriate audit of the incident. Investigations are on going.

The case is being conducted with the support of Coming Out.

hoax bomb threat, saint petersburg, october, 2018

Following persistent appeals and complaints from the Side by Side on 31 October, 2019 (more than one year after incident) criminal investigations have been finally open into a hoax bomb threat on 29 October, 2018 at Venue Palma.

The case is being conducted with the support of Russian LGBT Network.

hoax bomb threats, moscow, 24 -26 may, 2019

The prosecutor’s office in Moscow, following complaints by Side by Side, has reported that the police have opened three criminal cases for each of the three hoax bomb calls received during the film festival. Additionally, the prosecutor's office revealed a number of violations by the police when considering the appeals and subsequently an internal audit is being carried out within the department.

The case is being conducted with the support of Stimul.

All investigations are currently on going.